Follow along as a newbie gardener goes from an apartment in Montreal to a house on an acre and attempts to recreate his childhood experience of a backyard full of fruit.

Located North of Ottawa, Ontario in growing zone 4a/b Canada (USDA 3a/b) I need to battle winter temperatures of -38C (-36F), heavy clay soil, poor drainage, deer, squirrels, and numerous ravenous insects.

Planting started in 2012 and has progressed to where I now have over 110 apple varieties, 30 pears, 30 plums and number small fruits like black currants, haskasps, gooseberries and grapes.

My goal is to show my mistakes, describe what works and does not work in my area and share my passion for cold climate fruit growing!

***Please note this is REALLY a rough work in progress, right now just copy and pasted from online forums to get something up for spring 2021, it will slowly be improved with better photos and layout as well***